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We are excited to announce the KID'S MARKET is back for 2022!

The Elwood Kid's Market provides an easy way for Elwood Primary School students to host a market stall to explore their entrepreneurial or fundraising aspirations. The stalls are intended to be small and simple.  We provide a small table and chair and kids should be able to walk their wares in.

Bookings open a few weeks before each market and will be announced through Konnective.  Bookings are made by emailing Katie. Stalls are limited  and allocated on a first come first serve basis.  Please wait for confirmation and booking reference from Katie before paying for your stall.


The Details

Cost: $10 (must be paid in advance )

Setup: From 8am

Open: 9am-12pm (market closes at 1pm)

Provided: 1 kids table and chair under cover at the front of DWB building

Required: A supervising parent/guardian.

Please note the sale of food, drinks and insects is not permitted.

Payment is to be made in cash and left at the office (in a labelled envelope including your booking confirmation number).

All Enquires: Katie Wong  katiewong73@gmail.com


We look forward to seeing you at the kids market again!


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