Elwood Community Market, Elwood Primary School

Updated  22/4/2022






  • The rules have eased significantly.

  • All stallholders still need to be vaccinated or hold a valid exemption.

  • Requirements for Face masks and Check-ins are no longer required in retail or hospitality settings. 

The rules in detail


As of 4 March  2022 from (waiting on update post April 22 announcement)


All market workers (including stallholders) operating on-site must be fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption

Stallholders at the market comply with the requirements for that premises type.  For example, a food and drink premises at the market must comply with the requirements for food and drink premises.


Information for businesses

The free Service Victoria app integrates with the Victorian Department of Health’s contact tracing system. Check in at venues supports contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

To register your business, venue or vehicle to use the Victorian QR Code Service, visit Create an account.

Unique QR code poster(s) will be sent as separate downloadable PDFs to your nominated email address when you register your business, which can be printed out in black and white or colour.

Make sure the posters are displayed prominently at all points of sale and points of service so that people can check in easily.

QR Code posters should not be shrunk down to be printed on a smaller space as this may result in customers being unable to scan them.

Businesses and venues should assist visitors without a phone or unable to check in by manually recording their details.