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COvid safe volunteers

updated 1 November 2022

From Vic Gov COVID - business and Work website

The Pandemic Declaration and associated Pandemic Orders expired at 11.59pm on Wednesday 12 October 2022. Employers and individuals should continue to follow COVIDSafe practices.

The Elwood Community Market takes its responsibility seriously to keep the community COVID Safe. 

Please note there is no longer any documentation requirements to attend a shift.

If you are feeling unwell with COVID like symptoms on the day of the market please test or cancel your shift and stay home, contact or refer to instructions sent with the roster.

Disposable masks will be available for volunteers if required. 

All volunteers must understand and comply with COVID Safe Work practices and behaviours which will be outlined on signs in each work area.

Our principles of a COVIDSafe workplace
  • Vaccination is recommended for all workers but no longer mandatory

physical distancing
  • Consider physical distancing and density of people indoors

face masks
  • Face masks are optional for all workers

  • Close contacts who test negative must wear a face mask when out of the house

Practise good hygiene
  • clean and disinfect  high touch surfaces

  • Make soap and hand sanitiser available for all workers and customers throughout the worksite and encourage regular hand washing.


Keep records and act quickly
  • Support workers to get tested and stay home if unwell

  • In the event a worker discovers they were infectious with COVID on their shift inform other workers of the exposure.

Consider enclosed spaces 
  • Ensure adequate ventilation indoors.

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